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About the Blog

Blog Staff:

Notes from 21 South Street is the internety, pretty chill digital wing of The Harvard Advocate, and we are looking for writers, reviewers, artists, culture critics, playlist-makers, infographic designers, and more to submit work!

What can you write?

The boundaries of the blog are flexible & open to creative interpretation. You can submit anything that is longer than a tweet and shorter than a feature. Posts that fall outside the bounds of our print content are preferred. Try media we don’t publish in print, like flash fiction, audio or video, or make use of hyperlinks and other digital resources.

There *are* five primary ‘types’ of blog posts.

Critique: Review an album/book/performance event. Publish your own criticism.
Echo: Commentary & personal responses to recent events, to something you’ve read.
Hyperlink: Write about anything *internet,* send us around the web, use links!
Transcripts: Interview artists, musicians professors, your friends on a subject of your choosing. Have conversations with contributors to the magazine.
Miscellany: Misc. posts are rapid-fire fragments, 4-5 sentences. They’re short, but still have to have impact. Think something like: "Swordfish, perhaps the world’s fastest swimmers, secrete performance-enhancing grease from the base of their swords that helps them swim at an estimated sixty-two miles per hour. “This isn’t ordinary fish slime,” said a researcher in 2016. "

How do you submit?

Send your posts to